Satine Kryze



Satine Kryze is a female born on Mandalore, who holds the title of Duchess. She has encountered Obi-Wan Kenobi in her youth, and had fallen in love with him. However, instead of running off together and living a life together, Obi-wan decided that he should remain a Jedi and let go of Satine. This has haunted her for a large part of her life, leaving her no choice than to try and forget Obi-Wan.

When the Clone Wars commenced, she had declared Mandalore neutral and refused to pay intergalactic taxes. She focused her main effort of remaining her pacifist rule and taking care of the intruding Death Watch.

At one point in the war, Obi-Wan approached Satine, asking if he could give a grand speech on Mandalore. She hesitated, and mainly wanted to figure out if he still loved her or not. Upon discovering no answer, Satine just granted him permission to give the speech. She, however, solidified Mandalore's neutrality in another speech.

Then, following the plans of Matt Ordo to retake Mandalore, war suddenly stood on the doorstep. Seeing that the CIS were supporting these 'ethnic' mandalorians, she quickly requested help from Obi-Wan and the republic. The republic only send a small fleet mainly for evacuation, and Satine was forced to flee to Coruscant along with Obi-Wan.

General Grievous and the other mandorian separatist leaders then settled in at Mandalore, claiming total dominance over the planet. Satine, seeing her power slip out of her hands, requested the senate to react to these invaders at once. She was however met with serious opposition in the senate, and it seemed that they were not willing to do as she said. Satine was infuriated and this, and this even worsened when the Republic decided to send a diplomatic mission to Mandalore instead of an invasion fleet.

Senator Bail Organa concluded that the new Mandalorian leadership was a dictatorship, but that they wish to have good relations with the Republic. The senate agreed, and finally decided that war with the new mandalorian government was unwanted. Satine was done with the Republic, and withdrew from the senate. Now she resides at Mandalore, under protection of Obi-Wan's fleet.

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