Ka Ordo


Born on Mandalore, Ka Ordo grew up in the Ordo family. She was the youngest of the three children, and was often seen as childish.

She was trained in the mandalorian arts of combat together with Yugo Ordo and Matt Ordo. Despite her childish behaviour, she is a very good fighter.

During the beginning of the Clone Wars, Matt readied himself to start with his grand plans to gain more power. She and Yugo didn't really do anything yet until the invasion of Mandalore began.

The invasion was over soon, as Duchess Satine fled to Coruscant with the Republic forces. Ka then met General Grievous, who came to inspect the new Mandalorian regime. Ka had a very close friendship with Zava Vizsla, who some thought that she was her lover.

Ka and her combat prowness were appreciated by General Grievous, and the two of them began a good friendship. Ka was also interested in the politics of the CIS and Mandalore, and was soon appointed Senator, much to the distaste of her older sister, Yugo.

Ka took part in the Republic inspection of Mandalore and met Senator Bail Organa during it. She was seriously offended when her brother, Matt Ordo, sent her away in front of the Senator's eyes. She quickly wanted to be away from her brother, and went to the CIS Capital of Raxus, where the separatist parliament was.

She there met Prime-Minister Voe Atell and participated in a few sessions. Then, she accompagnied the Prime-Minister on a diplomatic mission to Zygerria to sway them to join the CIS. The mission was a success, and the two of them rejoiced at Voe's residence. Ka realized she was very lonely after Zava's death, and needed some comfort. Voe was also lonely, and they found comfort together. They started a relationship together with a rather wild night.

Their happiness wasn't instantly shared by Yugo, who went to join the Republic. Despite some rough events, Yugo and Ka finally accepted each other and their lovers, and there was a step closer to peace. Ka also proposed to Voe, what was first meant as a joke, but then ultimately was a reality.

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