Nuvo Vindi


Doctor Nuvo Vindi is a male scientist that works for the Confederacy of Independent systems. He is known for conducting dangerous and unnorthodox experiments, which can have lethal endings. But he does not care, the end result and science is what matters.

Nuvo Vindi was appointed by Count Dooku as head scientist of the CIS and was sent to Kamino after the planet it's capture. On Kamino, he was in charge of separatist clone program, which sought to use clones in the separatist war-effort and conduct extensive research on him. Vindi was interested in having sponsors and investors for his lucrative cloning projects, so he went to request funding from the Techno Union and Wat Tambor. Tambor desired results first, so they came to Kamino to oversee the clone project.

Vindi arranged everything, and would be wanting to show off with the new clone commander that had defected from the republic, namely Commander Bly. Bly didn't react as obeying to him as he had wished, much to his distaste. He nevertheless continued the project and persuaded Bly to cooperate so that the Techno Union could fund the expensive projects. He promised Bly that the clones would have better lives and better equipment.

In combat tests, Bly and the first batch of separatist clones showed promising, and were evn put up to the test of killing their own contra-side brothers. Wat Tambor was satisfied with the result, but Bly was not. Out of anger for having to kill his brothers, he nearly killed Vindi, but was stopped by battle droids.

Vindi, well realizing what he done, offered his apolagies to Bly and insisted on continuing the clone project and propaganda campaign. Everything went well afterwards, and Bly became a befamed commander in the CIS and beyond. Vindi also fulfilled his promise, the clones were treated better and recieved more durable equipement. However, to all good songs come an end.

On one day, Bly orchestrated a mass-breakout at Kamino, which nearly set Vindi's research back to zero. Vindi saw Bly get stabbed by General Grievous with his own eyes, and found that it was a poor ending to a good story. Only a few clones escaped, and Vindi continued with his project.

Weeks later, Vindi was tasked with transforming a clone named Boss into a mindless assassin. The transformation was a success, but it didn't see much use, as Boss was killed on his first mission.

Since then, Nuvo Vindi resides at Kamino and still takes part in several secret clone projects.


Nuvo Vindi is an exceptional scientist, with immense intelligence and dedication. He will reach his goal, no matter the cost.

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